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Keith De La Rue

Trusted Advisor - Social Networking and Facilitation

Keith De La RueKeith has over 35 years business experience in a variety of roles, including telecommunications technology, IT programming, analysis and project management, telecommunications consultancy, knowledge management and business consultancy.

He is a well-respected knowledge management consultant, and is also highly skilled and competent in organisational communication, learning strategies, development and delivery, social media (Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0), business improvement, change management, knowledge sharing tools and techniques, content management and governance strategies, document management and strategic planning.

Keith has a unique ability to quickly understand business situations in a wide range of industries, evaluate potential improvements, present and workshop alternatives with key stakeholders and develop a program to deliver clear business benefit. He can operate at both a big picture and a detailed level.

As a Knowledge Manager at Telstra for eight years, he worked in and led a small team using an innovative program for the transfer of product and service knowledge to Telstra’s Enterprise and Business sales force.  This work included developing and operating a portal system, multimedia tools and templates. Keith was highly regarded by the product, marketing and sales teams, being acknowledged as someone with a capacity to develop extraordinary business relationships.

As a Communications Consultant, Keith worked as a part of Telstra's Enterprise and Business Sales Force. This role provided professional analysis, advice and consultancy across a broad range of products and technologies. Over six years in this role, he assisted many Telstra customers to improve their business outcomes through the use of IT and Telecommunications technologies.  This work embraced industries as diverse as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, resources, banking, insurance and transport, with a major focus in the communications and IT industries.

Over the last four years, Keith has conducted over thirty presentations and workshops for organisations in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia on Knowledge Management-related topics, and contributed to training materials and publications. More recently, he has facilitated workshops for CPA Australia, following earlier work developing a KM training module.

Keith is a highly experienced professional in learning and knowledge and is able to apply his considerable practical and commercial experiences in Web 2.0 platforms and social networking.
Keith holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science from RMIT, and an accreditation as a role model instructor from Telstra. His association memberships include the International Association of Business Communicators and Mensa, and he holds a leadership role in the Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum.

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