Turning Strategic Thinking into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

What is The 3e Factor?

The 3e Factor represents the three elements of business transformation - EngageEnergise and Empower. These 3 elements underpin our High-Performance Cube capability development methodology, a unique process designed to transform business to the highest levels of performance and excellence.

The 3e Factor - High Performance Cube


The 3e Factor Group is a Melbourne-based team of Trusted Advisers founded in 1998 to provide a unique range of professional business services focused on achieving outstanding results.

Our team of professional Trusted Advisers has a wide range of experience in large corporate and small-medium businesses, specializing in business transformation, leadership development and executive coaching.

Gavin Norris

Executive Coach & Trusted Advisor

With over thirty years' experience in business transformation, business development, sales, general management, project management and consultancy roles in leading Australian companies, Gavin has complemented this experience with his considerable work in programming, analysis, human resources, training and lecturing.

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Business Transformation

The 3e Factor Business Transformation services include a range of innovative programs that focus on:

  • Program Management and Governance
  • Social Networking
  • Outcomes and Change Management

Leadership and Development

The 3e Factor Leadership and Development programs cover all aspects of the leadership and development processes.
These services are delivered by 3 major programs focused on assisting clients to achieve peak performance:

  • LEAP
  • Coaching
  • Workshops

Executive Coaching

The 3e Factor offers a number of powerful coaching programs designed to assist clients achieve outstanding results. 
The programs include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Business Coaching
  • Mentoring

The Twelve Principles of Leadership

(Principles were developed by Gavin Norris in 1998)

Leaders empower and know the strengths of all those around them.

Leaders discern between fantasy and reality.

Leaders take responsibility for all their actions.

Leaders display humility where necessary to support personal and team growth.

Leaders have integrity in all their dealings.

Leaders are authentic and share their vision with all around them.

Leaders communicate with all people easily and clearly.

Leaders develop trust from all around them.

Leaders demonstrate discipline and consistency in all their actions.

Leaders are inspirational.

Leaders build community and promote a nurturing and learning environment.

Leaders earn the confidence and respect from all those involved with them.

© Copyright 1998, 2022 -These principles are part of the "Leadership by Self Discovery" program offered by The3efactor pty ltd. However, in the best interests of promoting better leadership, permission is granted to reproduce this page, providing acknowledgement of the copyright statement is included.