Turning Strategic Thinking into Reality by Developing Corporate Capability

Why Us

The 3e Factor is built on the principles of the trusted advisor and is committed to:

  • Operating to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Maintaining its unique reputation with its clients.
  • Offering powerful resources and leading-edge tools to assist clients to achieve outstanding performance.

What makes us different?

We are not in business just for making money. We are here to contribute and make a difference.  Making a difference is at the core of everything we do.

Vision Statement

"Companies worldwide accessing The Power of Human Energy and creating extraordinary results."

Mission Statement

"To delight our customers and work with them to achieve extraordinary breakthrough results through partnerships in the following areas:

  • Building trusting relationships that provide effective and successful results.
  • Providing access to powerful business communities that bring Thought Leadership and creative solutions.
  • Causing both personal and business transformation for our clients.
  • Assisting people and businesses to access their Purpose and Passions.
  • Supporting people to achieve life-work balance and high Emotional Intelligence.

Our Approach

We operate from the principle that people are your primary asset. Respecting and harnessing the power of human energy in our own company as well as in our clients™ companies is our major focus.

Our coaching method is ontological and focussed on the coachee's behaviour - who they are being in the matter.

Surveys of companies implementing emotional intelligence based coaching programs have already shown remarkable bottom line results.

We don't just transform, coach or recruit:

  • We go beyond the norm by looking outside the square and for what our clients really need;
  • We take a long term view, to better prepare our clients in the sustainable development of their businesses;
  • We create a powerful partnership, communicating openly and honestly and sharing company visions;
  • We support our clients to realise their potential;
  • We contribute and synergise with our clients to develop creative, practical and extraordinary solutions;
  • We offer our clients access to powerful business networks plus new and proven ways to growing and building sustainable businesses.