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Testimonials for Gavin Norris

Coaching - Gavin provides a comprehensive structured approach to self-awareness in a professional and tailored package that heightens one's awareness of not only one's self but those around us. What I love about the coaching program is the introduction of regular new content to ensure it is relevant and up to date with latest trends merged with a range of well researched tools and approaches. This ensures to take me out of my comfort zone whilst forcing me to take reasonable risks to develop my authentic self which is often hidden by bad habits and conformity to the norms of business or its culture. This makes me stand out from the crowd with a heightened level of self-confidence, self-awareness and a strong dose of reality.

Business – Gavin’s generosity allows me to challenge immediate business issues throughout the coaching program and provide focus on finding new ways to problem solve and deliver value in whatever I do with a seasoned professional businesslike approach. I have rarely seen coaches in tune with this mix of soft and hard business acumen who genuinely provide the attention deserved. Well done! An enlightening and positive experience”.

Director | SME

“I have been working with Gavin Norris for over 18 months through individual coaching every 4-6 weeks, and believe that this experience and time invested has greatly assisted me in my leadership role at ......, particularly: -

  • In introducing me to numerous and varied ‘self-analysis’ leadership models and concepts, and helping me to apply these to the business and people related challenges that I faced.
  • In challenging my approach to dealing with people and situations, especially providing the ‘independent’ view of alternatives that I would not have otherwise considered.
  • In providing advice and guidance to assess my personal capabilities and strengths and how best to maximise these.
  • Encouraging me to continually stretch my own goals and test myself in taking on challenges, building my own confidence through the process.
  • Providing simple tools and prompts to cope with and heighten awareness around the environment around me – personally and professionally”.

Senior Executive Logistics | Corporate Business

“The PBCX program has helped me in many ways, both personally and professionally.  I am more disciplined now, and more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.  In less than a year from starting the program, I was working and communicating more effectively. 

Gavin has developed a practical self-awareness platform that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of different personalities.  The progression - starting with “Agreements”, Emotional Intelligence, SCARF, and Strength's assessments - is supported by well-sourced reference material and other learning resources.

Personally, I feel that the unique value in the Gavin’s program is his direct, committed involvement in the journey.  Gavin is a watchful and sympathetic mentor who believes in his program and shepherds his clients along the way with genuine care”.

Director |SME - consulting

“I began working with Gavin back in 2009 through a recommendation from a manager with the goal to ‘map out my career and next steps’. Being a generalist and moving around in different departments and roles, participating in the business coaching program brought about new ideas, insights and overall clarity to what I wanted and where I was headed. Not only this, but I learnt a great deal about how I operate as an individual and the impact I have on others.

Since then, Gavin has provided support and guidance as my career and life goals evolved. Only a phone call away, Gavin is always happy to lend an ear and help work through decisions to help ensure total clarity”.

Hospitality & Catering Manager | National Sporting Association

“I have been working with Gavin for over 8 months now, and I have found the experience thoroughly rewarding. It is very easy to form a cynical view of business coaching, particularly where your experiences are based primarily on short format courses, where content is condensed, summarised, presented and then very promptly forgotten. The cynicism that arises is not so much about the content, but rather the thoughtless way that it is presented. The expectation that one can attend a 2-day course on a subject like Emotional Intelligence, and come away with the impetus to embed this into your everyday practice is flawed. It might work for a small number of people, but for most of us, embedding these concepts requires a subtle and sustained effort.

For me, it is this aspect that makes Gavin’s coaching technique so valuable. His coursework is based on a number of refined, but related concepts. All ultimately concerned with making your work life as successful, and therefore enjoyable, as possible. But it is the way that the content is presented that impresses me most. Each session essentially revolves around an informal discussion regarding current work situations. Concepts are slowly layered over the dialogue, providing new and interesting insight and perspective on real, everyday situations.

I can honestly say that since I have started working with Gavin, I have a much clearer sense of the why I work the way I do. And therefore, the direction I should be moving in, and the steps I should take to create a most satisfying career”.

Independent Consultant | SME consulting

“I engaged with Gavin at The 3e Factor because I had to change how I worked. As a business owner, I could no longer just rely on the skills that produced yesterday’s results. I needed to understand what behaviours were needed for future success in a growing, increasingly complex, business.

Through the coaching, I have developed a greater awareness of my strengths and how I effect and influence the dynamics of key relationships, both internal and external and the importance of leadership to success”.

Executive Director | SME Specialist Consulting / Software

“Gavin has been a tremendous coach and a mentor who transformed my thinking about me and has helped me feel comfortable in my skin. I was particularly impressed with his level of knowledge in strength-based leadership and emotional intelligence. I have walked away from our coaching engagement with a treasure chest of actions that will drive my approach for a long term-life and career progression.

During my coaching time with Gavin there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations. Gavin helped me consider alternatives to my traditional approaches to life and proved to be right almost 100% of the time with his observations, opinions, and suggestions.

Gavin gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor”.

Senior Business Specialist |Large Australian Corporate

“I have found the coaching received through The 3e Factor to be both challenging and extremely useful.  Gavin employs a well-designed set of tools to enable deeper self-awareness and mastery and then skillfully applies these in helping his coachees in their day-2-day work.  There is also a good balance between working on the present and the future.  I have also engaged The 3e Factor in facilitating team based applications of self-mastery and high performance team coaching and it is having a definite positive effect.  A very worthwhile investment”.

GM | Large Australian Corporate

“I’ve been working with Gavin for 18 months on the PBCX program he developed.  Gavin has challenged me to think differently about the way I look at my life.  To do this Gavin has introduced concepts, tools and techniques that have enabled me to think about things through varying lenses such as strengths and social styles.  I am now stepping back and think more comprehensively and deliberately about what outcome I want from any situation.  By being focussed on what matters I now have more time to work on the things that are really important in my life.

I’ve been able to take many of the skills Gavin has taught me and pass them onto my team.  Getting a greater understanding of what drives each individual in this globally diverse team.  The team now has a greater perspective on what drives each individual and what strengths each individual has to offer.

Gavin is continuously challenging me to improve and focus what is important to me.  He challenges me to think differently, to be self-aware and to be aware of other people’s perspectives.  He does not only ask this of me but is continuously evolving his program introducing new concepts, tools and techniques to improve the program and inevitably its participants”.

Global Director, Enterprise Information Management | Corporate Business

"Working with Gavin over the past 12 months has not only helped me develop my business but also (and more importantly) develop myself as an individual.

The program is structured to give you tangible outcomes and takeaways. There is a real focus on standing back and looking in on yourself and your business, giving you a clearer perspective and enabling you to change and influence situations.

Gavin also provides a great sounding board and a different point of view and therefore assists with more rounded decision making".

Partner |Professional Services - Accounting

"...Gavin is an insightful, wise and (above all) honest coach who took a genuine interest in both my professional development and my broader development as a human being.

Enhancement of emotional intelligence is an area that is absolutely essential for anyone wishing to succeed, not only professionally but in life in general and I truly feel that this is a unique offering and opportunity.

The lessons learnt during my undertaking with Gavin will remain with me throughout my lifetime..."

Business Analytics Analyst | Large Australian Corporate

As a recent new immigrant to Australia, I first met Gavin through the Australian Computer Society and was impressed with his passion for leadership development and soft skills.

Having worked with Gavin over the past two years using The 3e Factor PBCX coaching program I have benefitted considerably from his coaching. From an initial phase of learning about myself using a strengths-based leadership approach, I have gained further knowledge and soft skills that I now use in all aspects of my new life: work and personal in Australia that allows me to set goals and look far more strategically at where I am and where I want to be in the future.

This followed by a tailored coaching program expanded my knowledge of commercial aspects (in the private sector) through an improved appreciation of sales and marketing and how best to apply this as a trusted advisor. I have integrated this knowledge and its application into my daily work to great effect and success.

I find myself today in a far more empowered position both in my work and home life with multiple options and a keen sense of direction through a well-considered personal strategy for success.

Security Consultant | International IT Provider